I’ve been running this site off of Tumblr since 2014 and it’s served me well, until now.

Tumblr pages are bloated no matter what theme you choose. For instance, my post announcing the move off of Tumblr weighs in at 18mb (according to Chrome). That’s way too much for a single paragraph post.

I’ve decided I’m going to follow the latest trend: static blog websites. Using a Mac app called MWeb, you can write in Markdown and just upload the generated pages somewhere. In my case, I’m uploading to a S3 bucket with Cloudfront as the CDN.

I’m proud to say that this site is completely Javascript-free, save any posts with Youtube videos. It’s weird to be working with static files like we did in the 90s but I also like the fact that you have full control over the output, rather than some 3rd party service’s crap-laden pages.