Headed north again to Flagstaff where I stayed at a hostel that offers tours of the Grand Canyon.

On the way, I passed by the Very Large Array radio observatory located on the route to Socorro, NM. There was a visitor center, but I just pulled off the road and took a picture.

Very Large Array radio observatory

Turns out it was the first Grand Canyon tour of the season for the hostel, so I was the only one signed up!

Grand Canyon #1

We made several stops, some at tourist-heavy areas and a few spots that were more secluded.

Grand Canyon #2

We stayed near the top most of the time and only ventured in a mile or so. The trek to the bottom is about 7 miles (each way), so they recommend you don’t do it in a single day. There are camp sites and even a village at the bottom, so I’ll need to do a backpacking trip someday. The most popular trek is a rim to rim trek that takes about 3 days.

Donkey Transport

Goods are still transported the old way, via mule. You need to pull off to the side of the trail to let them pass.

Some Rocks

Grand Canyon #3

Long way to the bottom!

Grand Canyon #4

On the way out, I took the scenic 89A route which passes through Sedona and Jerome. Jerome is a little town built into the side of a mountain. Really recommend taking this route if you’re driving through.

Next, I stop in Indio on the way to San Diego.