After a week with family, I headed back onto the road to West Texas. While I stayed in Alpine, TX, Big Bend National Park is actually 2 hours south, near the Mexico border. I had heard a lot of things about the park so, naturally, had to make a stop.

Open Road

West Texas feels very remote and isolated. It looks like something out of an old Western movie. You can be riding 20 minutes and not see another person on the road. Incidentally, I was pulled over for the first time on my trip for doing 7 mph over. I think he was just bored.

Road into Big Bend

The park itself is quite large and it takes about a half hour to get from the entrance to the trailhead. I chose the Lost Mine Trail as I only had 1 day here and I heard this was the best day hike trail in the park.

Lost Mine Trail #1

The Lost Mine Trail is a short hike which ascends to the top of one of the many mountains in the range. It wasn’t difficult and I was at the top and back down in about 2 hours.

Lost Mine Trail #2

It’s a very scenic trail. The park is pretty remote though, so you’ll have to plan to come here specifically.

Moto en Route

Given the much warmer weather, the ride has improved greatly and I don’t mind spending 4-6 hours riding. This is opposed to the cold and rain I had earlier in the trip. This is my route so far:

Route So Far

Next, I’m headed to New Mexico to stop at Carlsbad Caverns.